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hi sexy!

Hi miss

When did it become necessary to ask for affection from someone who always says he loves you?

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I am such a fickle little pickle

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If you can lie about the smallest of things, I worry about how easily you might lie about something more important.

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Dear clingy boyfriend of mine,

I like how clingy you are.

I like how you want to show your affection with your actions.

Just don’t do it under broad daylight.

from your happy-though-she-may-not-show-it girlfriend,


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He treats me like a princess, and I have mixed feelings about it.

He drives me home, he takes me to nice places, he picks up the tab, he kisses me gently, he listens to me intently, he holds my hand tightly, he expresses his desire to be with me openly, he warms me up nicely, he understands that I’m a working student, he looks at me kindly…he is in every way a gentleman and I just don’t know how to deal with it.

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